Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Four Months Later

Oh my goodness (to quote my daughter)!  It has been quite awhile, like FOUR MONTHS, since I have updated our family blog.  Well, what excuses can I come up with?
-Two children
-Yard work
-Making dinner
No, none of these are real excuses... it's called laziness, pure and simple.  I mean, how hard can it be to sit at the computer, put a few pictures on the blog and then move on.  It really is NOT that difficult, so I will try with all of my heart to make my next post in three months or less :)

Jeeping with the Rowes in Moab

I was a little cold, but it was SO fun!!

Camping with friends and celebrating HD's b-day

Nolan seems to have learned his sister's cheese face

Quick trip to CFalls and Glacier.  Sam spoke at our old high school's graduation!

Nolan turned 2 on July 1st!

He would sleep with his bike if he could

Have to love those chocolate cupcakes

Amelia turned 4 on June 22nd!!

We celebrated with friends at the park


  1. I love it! And no worries on excuses. There's lots of things easier and faster than photo blogging. But I'm so glad you did! I can't believe how big your kids are getting, and how much Nolan is Sam. Not "like" Sam, just "is" Sam. Love you!

    1. Love you and miss you Addie! I love to see the pics of your sweet family!! Hope to see you later this summer in Bozeman!