Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bike riders... sort of

Amelia and Nolan having some fun!

Smiling Noley

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I know it's been a long time!

I know it has been a very long time since I have updated our family's blog... but I know that you all are faithful and keep checking it, so here you all go!

Our family got to go on a little camping adventure up by 
Lake Granby/Tabernash/Winter Park, where some of our friends live.

We are blessed to have two children who LOVE to be outside!

We are thinking of selling our Sprinter, a.k.a. Sprite, for a pull behind camper trailer.  We have had so many great memories in this vehicle, but are feeling a bit cramped with two kids 3 and under.

Our next adventure took us down south to North Carolina, and Georgia.  We had a ton of fun with my parents at their home, and Amelia even found a turtle!

We all ventured to Augusta, GA for the Para-cycling Nationals and qualifiers for London

Sam rocked it, knocking a minute off his time from last year, being the fastest upright bike, and winning the national jersey for his category.

Three handsome boys (Clark your left and Dave on your right--tandem team)

The next day we celebrated Amelia's 3rd b-day at Chick-fil-a, her new favorite restaurant!

Daddy Sam got second in the Criterium race and we were so excited to hear the team being named later that evening!

Sammy's nomination for the team did not come that day... through the next very difficult week, we were pleased to find out, at the end of that week, that the final slots for the team had been made, and Sam would be going to LONDON (as well as 10 of his family members--smile)!

Another b-day celebration for Amelia, yes at Chick-fil-a with an ice cream topped with a princess candle

Nolan had his 1st b-day and we celebrated with cupcakes!  He was super hesitate to get going, but once he realized the yummies, he was all over it!

We were able to spend last week with our friends and some family in  Bozeman.  Oh we miss you all already!  This season of life is busy, but good, and we look forward to the things to come...