Sunday, March 10, 2013

Finally, an update!

My two peeps, getting ready for a walk to the park!

Playing a little music together.

Obviously, Amelia does not like to get her picture taken, and Nolan clearly loves it!
(FYI--can't get the picture to rotate)

Amelia LOVES her bike, and Nolan is working on his Strider-bike too.

Amelia the artist:
"My family"

Our backyard playhouse adjusted by Daddy Sam and Uncle Dallas.

My mom came to visit for a couple of weeks and we were able to go back-country skiing!  I haven't gone for forever, so yes, that is me panting in the blue coat!

Gorgeous day

Amazing view

We felt young again (smile)!

My sweet family

Our little family is still on an "adventure", awaiting the next exciting steps.  We will be sure to keep you all posted, but for now here are some things we are working on:
Sam:  part mechanic, part plumber, part pretty much fixer of everything; riding bikes, bc skiing, speaking
Sara:  attending a MOPS group with 100 women, doing a ZUMBA class, playing music, but most importantly being a wife and momma
Amelia:  ready to ride a pedal bike, singing, drawing, playing princess
Nolan:  talking (already saying, "apple, uh-oh eh-eh-ih-oh, baby, happy, ma ma, da da, na na, go, no" and a few others that we can't quite make out!