Sunday, March 18, 2012

Life Changes

Our family is going through some life changes. Changes that are good, but hard.
Changes that challenge us to have patience, faith and hope. Changes that cause us to think about what matters the most. We have sold our home in Bozeman (to some wonderful friends). We are staying in the Flathead Valley for a few weeks before we transition to Colorado (the Denver area). These two Kavys (Sam and myself) have never lived outside of Montana, so the adventure is beginning!!

Our house, is a very, very, very fine house...
We have had two babies in this house, one dog in this house,
lost a leg in this house, and gained a new life perspective in this house!
How your life can change in a few short years. At one time it was just Sam and me,
now we are a family of four!

AMELIA MARIE KAVANAGH: an amazing little girl that can have a hurricane of moods in a single minute!

Amelia LOVES: playing in the water at the sink,
...doing puzzles,
...planting seeds,
...painting, and...
Potty Time!!! Yes, my daughter is potty trained! I feel that I went back in time, visiting my teaching skills by making a sticker chart, and having rewards!

NOLAN WILLIAM KAVANAGH: an almost 9-month-old-baby who smiles nonstop!
Nolan is an army-crawling maniac!!!
What a smile!
We will be keeping you updated on our life adventures...