Thursday, November 29, 2012

Oh My!!!

It has been almost two and a half months since I have blogged!  Okay, okay, so I never had the slide show of London up....Oh, where does the time go?
Since getting back from London we have:
-We have moved to a new house and location (Lakewood, CO)
-Naomi visited (such a wonderful blessing)
-Sam has had shoulder surgery (intense bone-grafting, but we Kavanaghs go big!)
-Kaitlin and Jessica visited (a double blessing)
-Nana has visited (a never-ceasing blessing)
-Amelia has learned how to ride her strider
-Nolan is walking with his strider
-We have joined a rec. center
-We have joined a church
-I have joined MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers--the group is about 100 moms strong!)

However, I must admit, my heart is lonely for my girlfriends, my sisters, our friends who have walked so much life with us.  Why does Christmas make one so sentimental?  Is it the reminder of family and friends?  Is it the focus on giving and caring for one another?  Yes to all of those things, but it is the realization that an amazingly large God sent His Son as a tiny baby for us--for ALL of us.

Merry Christmas (a little early) to all of you!  You have blessed our family with your continued love and support through the valleys and the mountain tops.  Our hearts are forever grateful.

The Kavanaghs

A few photos for you: